A creative agency with a youthful edge and a Southern charm.

Hey babe, we're JAWBREAKING Creative - a marketing agency based in Asheville, NC. We specialize in intersectional storytelling, cut-through strategy, and captivating creative. 


Campaign + Content Creation

At our core, we’re idea people. We produce creativity from ideation to execution and consistently produce engaging content for a variety of channels and mediums. Just this once, we help you judge a book by its cover. 


Intersectional Storytelling

Our Public Relations and Advertising approach is rooted in the idea that consumers need to know you, like you, and love you, to give you what you want. Through dynamic storytelling that emphasizes culture and advocates for the individual, we make “liking you” that much easier.


Strategy + Consumer Branding

Through a mix of creative art direction, brand identification and data analytics, we craft an integrated strategy that positions your brand to cut through the noise and stand out.


Intellectual Property

The way we approach our work is more than a gimmick; it's a lifestyle. Consequently, we develop and curate new ideas, products, and properties.