5 Notes to Help Your Brand Win Summer

Published on May 18, 2021. By JAWBREAKING Creative

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The ceiling fans are running, and the shorts are getting shorter. Summer must be around the corner. Are you ready?… 👀 As a full-service marketing agency, Summer is almost as fun as the holiday season. New seasons mean new campaigns, outdoor events, tropical themes, and of course, Summer Fridays. Over the last few weeks, our motley crew of publicists and content creators has been brainstorming what the summer should look like - editorial concepts, fun events, and deeper brand connections for our clients and their audience. At the core of what we do is a belief that people deserve intimacy, respect, and visibility from the brands who fill up their lives and ask for their money. While marinating on all of this, it seemed only fit that we put some of our favorite ideas out into the world. We want every business to begin thinking strategically and empathetically about what it means to tell stories and what this specific moment can look like for you as a business.

Tip #1: Confirm and lock down your Summer plans/deals right now.

May is entirely a Spring month, but Summer is only a few weeks away. Deciding what “moments” you’re going to have this summer is Step One in planning out your calendar and developing your marketing plan. What are you marketing? Are there highlights? Are there mission-aligned moments/holidays, etc.? By this time, you know what services/product you have to offer, now you need to figure out what you’re going to say… and how.

Tip #2: Kill Your Darlings, Interrogate Your Thoughts

William Faulkner once said that as a writer, you must “kill your darlings.” This isn’t advice for new parents but rather a notion around creativity. He argued that anything you love so sincerely can never be perfected because you’re too biased to see the flaws. So you must kill the pieces of creativity you love because you’ll never be able to honor them and make it better. This is how you should think about your marketing campaigns and creative assets. Yes, be open to new things. Yes, give everything a chance. But before you sign off, make sure you put your idea on a piece of paper and tear it to shreds. Look for holes, gaps, confrontations, anything to lower the value of the concept. And once you’ve solved the problems that you’ve discovered, your idea can move forward. But if the first time you look at the idea, you think it’s perfect, you’re too attached. It’s got to go.

Tip #3: Find Your People

It doesn’t matter how great your product is if you’re offering it to the wrong people. Building a community is about more than making an easier sale. It’s about context and relevancy. Community helps define your brand because it puts a face to it. So ask yourself, who are your people? Where do they live? What do they like? What are their hopes and dreams? And how does your brand fit into that journey? And if you can’t find the answer, you shouldn’t talk to them until you do.

Tip #4: Launch

No need for an extensive explanation. No more excuses. At some point, you just have to start.

Tip #5: Learn and Correct

Now that you’ve launched. What’s working? What is not working? What could be better? We all know that no matter how much you prepare and aim for perfection, something could always be better. So don’t be afraid to name it and fix it.